Who said starting a flower farm would be easy?

It’s a dreamy thought, all by itself. Beautiful blooms, butterflies flutter about. The sweet aroma of fresh dirt after a good, summer downpour.

And then reality kicks in, and boy, has it kicked in. The past week the heat index has been atleast (if not more) than 100 degrees Everyday!

Shew…and these were not hot, cloudy days. No, these were good ’ol burning hot, sunny days. And let’s not forget the humidity. Here on the Eastern Shore our humidity is so thick that we joke that you can “cut the air”. Ok, that is not funny. I dream of cool, crisp mountain air. I really do not tolerate heat well. And the work never ends…starting seeds, planting, weeding, pulling out spent plants, running more rows, cutting flowers, and making bouquets for market.

My intention here is not to be a “Debbie Downer“ but to give you a glimpse into the life of a flower farmer. A snapshot of the daily grind.

To say that it takes “GRIT” would be a very honest statement.

So…is it worth all the sweat(a lot of sweat) and tears(a lot of tears)?


The joy and beauty definitely outweighs the sweat and tears. It is so satisfying to have hands in the dirt…it is healing in some way. God put Adam and Eve in the garden for a reason. It is an occupation that is necessary for man to live and thrive. And no matter what kind of farmer you are…food, flower, or livestock; there is a satisfaction and fulfillment that comes at the end of a hard day‘s work. So yes, it takes a lot of determination and grit to be a farmer of any sort but the rewards are priceless.🌸