Creatures GREAT and small

I am truly a lover of nature. I am thankful that our Amazing God created so many diverse creatures and how each is important to this planet… the busy honey bee, the ever so strong ant, the beautiful bluebird, with its warbling song. I Love to just stop and watch all that surrounds me.

Earlier this week when inspecting the blueberry bushes I came upon several praying mantis cocoons. Praying mantis are great insect for any garden. They are like soldiers defending the plants and flowers from harmful invaders. It makes me smile to see them. On the other hand, this week I also saw one of most dreaded sights…a snake. I know, many of you may like them, but I don’t. I just don’t like anything about them. They scare me!

On our farm we have three primary types: black, water, and copperheads. Yes, copperheads. We have killed 2 copperheads in the past 3 years. I recently read that black snakes are territorial and will keep copperheads and other snakes away. Therefore, I am really trying to at least appreciate them. So when I saw this one, this Really, Really long one, slithering into our flower garden and then into our barn I Did Not kill it. I was proud of myself and thankful to see it a different light. Helpful.

I am learning to at least appreciate all creatures Great and small.